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Don’t eat Bath Salts because you WILL DIE!

LesbiansWithSwag asked:

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Sports on Salvia Divinorum — I Double Dare Yah

idoubledareyah asked:

We try and play sports while on the influence of Salvia Divinorum. What do you think happened… LOL We made sure to get the strongest they had in the store. Episode 5 Title: The Salvia Experience Double Dare to the Viewers: Don’t do drugs! CLICK – LIKE & FAV!!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – We all like to play the Double Dare game, but Boris and Carl have taken it to a whole new level! – – – – -Welcome to I Double Dare Yah- – – – – -Hosted by Boris & Carl- A channel devoted to playing the double dare game on youtube! We give each other dares, give you dares, and get you to give us dares/challenges! Do you have it in you to accept our double dares!? Because we do! (Episode Six — October 5th, 2011) SUBSCRIBE — Weekly episodes every Wednesday! Second Channel: ? Like us on Facebook: ? Follow us on Twitter: ?


AmP31 asked:

Im really not promotin this stuff yall, but free your mind for a sec -A.Tone Da Priest @atoneamp (SALVIA) She Asked Laughing, View Into All Dive Into Vivid Images New Outside Repression Under Mind

Frodo and Gandalf INTENSE DRUG TRIP

iforgot87871 asked:

I totally screwed up this scene using pitch changes and some other visual effects also. Check it out. Featured in my youtube poop: “Ultimate LOTR trilogy youtube poop part I.”

Black Jack Automatic – Outdoor UK 2011 – Week 5

jackntilly asked:

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION ***** This is my first video on Youtube of my Black Jack auto,This is the only video of this auto strain on Youtube ! This plant is around 5 weeks old & as just recently started flowering with white pistols coming out all over ! Its starting to smell really bad of Jack Herer already ! :DI have been using (Canna) nutes & they seem to be doing it good ! Nice & healthy looking ! I used Canna coir as the medium too… BlacK Jack is a cross of Black Domina X Jack Herer ! Its a nice stable, very uniform & symetrical strain ! I’m very impressed with it so far ! I highly reccomend this strain to auto growers ! Any questions or tips dont hesitate to ask ! No bitching or stupid questions please otherwise you will get blocked ! Thanks & peace out ! Happy growing !!!

Call of Duty Black Ops – How to Make Marijuana Leaf Emblem

JTVentertainment360 asked:

Best Marijuana Leaf Emblem Tutorial on Youtube. I made this one quick if you spend a little more time on it, the emblem will look 10x better! 1st Song Kid Cudi – Hyyer 2nd Song Kid Cudi – Up, Up and Away