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Random guy trippin on drugs

Hdowiak asked:

Me and a bunch of friends were sitting at a gazeebo, when this dude ran past us telling us the spirits were watching us. The he jumped off a ledge into a sewer creek. The video tells the rest. We ran to him and i pulled out my fone.

Salvia Trippin Take One

mrexpandyourmind asked:

Dude rips the bong full of salvia divinorum 80 extract. The rest, as they say, is history.

Rasta man trippin on 60x Salvia Part 2

faultless212 asked:

First salvia trip. We put em on that 60x…lol

lsd trip

bcrbmx asked:

i this is some serious trippin effects lol 😛 btw the music is made by me pm me if u want the download link

15x Salvia Divinorum Trip to “Tripball Land”

Ejjman1 asked:

My friend trippin out on Salvia Divinorum 15x Extract smoked out of a home made waterbottle bong. This is his first time trying Salvia. The most entertaining things happen in around the first five minutes.

Brent on salvia

smokinmarvin asked:

Kid Trippin hard on salvia 60x