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Terence McKenna – (part 1) Salvia Divinorum

munchychee asked:

I do want to say one thing, it almost slipped my mind… artwork by Yves Tanguy (Capricorn/Pisces)

Terence McKenna (subtitulado)- Salvia Divinorum “Los ojos de la pastora”

AstronDivinorum asked:

Terence McKenna conversaciones sobre Salvia Divinorum.

Terence Mckenna the entity and the elves of psilocybin

planetunion asked:

Terence Mckenna articulates the powerful entity and the elves of psilocybin. There is an all knowing entity that lives within psilocybin intoxication. This entity can communicate profound thoughts and life changing ideas.

Terence Mckenna and Kathleen Harrison: plant teachers

planetunion asked:

In this excerpt from “The Rights of Spring” Terence Mckenna and Kathleen Harrison discuss thier outrageous view that “plants are alive,” and “have a thinking feeling intellect of some sort,” capable of conveying knowlege. These plants are known as the plant teachers. Terence Mckenna and Kathleen Harrison founded Botanical Dimensions, which works to preserve knowlege about medicinal and pschotherapeutic plants.

Terence McKenna Salvia divinorum Coleus

AffirmationJunkie asked:

Terence McKenna Salvia in the amazon show the salvia divinorum plant and talks about his preferences when using this medicine. thanks for watching – FREE copy of SELF-MASTERY course CLICK HERE…

The Language of Psilocybin

redliterocket4 asked:

terence mckenna talks about the alterations of consciousness engendered by triptamines.