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Effects from smoking Funky Monkey Herbal (Spice) HILARIOUS!

TheTalent84 asked:

What happens when you smoke Midnight Spice, Funky Monkey, Cloud 10, or any spice with Damiana is all right here. HILARIOUS…dude is trippin. This video speaks on the effects and the pros, for the cons.

trippin on salvia, climbin through the walls

dirtcheapdrummer asked:

ok. this was my first experience with salvia. i will say that i tried it out of a bong, but it didnt work. so i used a straight pipe. it took 3 separate smoking sessions before i caught the effects from it. but once i did…..oh boy! it was unlike anything ive ever experienced. i didnt freak out physically…but….yea. just watch. so if ever the opportinity, and youre in the right frame of mind (only because hallucinogens react with ur brain and the chemicals that depict ur mood….so make sure ur mood is a good one before smoking) try salvia. its quite the eye opening experience. Feedback is welcome. Any questions,please feel free to ask. *****DO NOT OPERATE A VEHICLE, BIKE, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF MOBILE UNIT WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SALVIA DIVINORUM. NEVER USE BY YOURSELF. ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE ELSE WITH YOU TO “BABYSIT” (TRUST ME….YOULL NEED BABYSAT)*****

Funny stoners smoking grass show Ep35Part3

BakedPotatoesTV asked:

Funny stoners smoking grass show. This part has a police brutality clip where a 14 girl is tasered by cops, some marijuana facts about legal buds and an anti-drug website review.

Jackal & Hyde – Space invaders smoking grass

TeK33703 asked:

dark electro full of bass

Smoking Grass 2

Moosk123 asked:

Smoking Grass After Camping

If – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (1998)

TVContact asked: