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ickystickybuns asked:

Inside Edition: Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia at a Friend’s

Jarrod smoking Salvia for the first time!

daleseycoxman asked:

Jarrod smokes salvia divinorum 10X doesn’t get what he expected but its still hilarious. Comments please

Smoking Salvia

radioxpirate asked:

Andoni and I smoking salvia he just got out of school we desided to go back to my place to smoke this i dont remember what we were talking about i dont think we were even talking about anything hah

Baby Sleep Tonight

George Lamb Smoking Salvia

splifferation asked:

George Lamb Smoking Salvia on BBCTHREE. Funny shit and totally unexpected in the documentary.

Pick The Gender Of Your Baby

Tricked Into Smoking Salvia

McVeeth asked:

We tricked a drunk guy into smoking salvia. The results were FANTASTIC.

Sign Language For Babies And Beyond

1st time smoking salvia

westsidesuge asked:

60x purple sticky salvia, salvia divinorum, smoking, trippin, incent, see things

Ultimate Guide To Baby Gender Selection