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salvia trip (say no to drugs! drugs are bad mmmkay?)

evilsmeagol asked:

A friend showed up at my apartment with some salvia and I was very against it. But then it looked like fun and I thought , well it’s legal it can’t be too bad!

Salvia Trip Gone Wrong

MrNumaga asked:

Lucky for him he wasn’t jumping from the 8th floor. for more! I’m not saying you should never ever touch this stuff ( That would make me a hypocrite ) but if you do: make sure you have a ‘sober babysitter’ who can stop you from doing stupid things. And another thing, start with the mild stuff, not this extremely powerful ridiculous-tripping-strength mega Salvia! If you do, you might end up like these two…

Funny bad first time salvia Trip 500fX (crazy).mp4

mattyovriddz2k7 asked:

ady’s first time on Salvia 500fX on riddings estate. He smoked this on free will! how this stuff is LEGAL i dunno!!! LOL mad cunt

hilarious salvia trip x60

bangraaa asked:

my friends first ever trip on salvia. jokessssssssssssss

This is why you shouldnt do Salvia

theeaaronwesterfield asked:

I did this and I was with my mother and her friend. It was all fun and games till I charged her, the video goes black about half way and you hear what is said.

Salvia Bad Trip (30x)

TheFernHD asked: