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psilocybin mushroom

jbowen84 asked:

eating mushrooms and wandering off into the woods..

Psilocybin Mushroom research by Johns Hokins Medicine

mushroomjesus asked:

Science verses religion… either way, it is agreed that psilocybin which is the “magic” ingredient in the mushroom causes a mystical experience

Terence Mckenna – Fear and Glossolalia.wmv

freeradicals asked:

Taken from ‘History end in Green Part 3’ Terence Mckenna shines some light upon techniques that can be used to control fear and anxiety during a psilocybin mushroom trip. These techinques are of course not restricted to the psilocybin experience. Also talks a little about glossolalia as a possible ancient language/artform. For more Terence Mckenna Audio please visit Lorenzo at:

Hi what is the recent legislation related to psilocybin and the prevalance of use of psilocybin in maryland?

Be asked:

I’ve looked everywhere for these answers but I can’t seem to find them! Please help. I need to know the recent legislation of psilocybin (the mushroom) and the prevelence of use in Maryland, Harford County, and the USA. Thank you so much god bless!