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Hannah Montana Bad Salvia trip swag

YodersAnDaNayNays asked:

hannah montana and two other people try salvia 1000000x

Crystal Meth Addiction and Addiction Treatment – A Forever Recovery

ForeverRecovery asked:

Addiction to Crystal Meth is a very hard addiction to overcome and beat with the strength your body has after continuous abuse. A Forever Recovery addiction treatment center is here to help people with this and all addictions:

“Learning to Burn the Spice.” – Parody

jsnasselin asked:

So I got the K2 Summit to see what all the fuss was about.. Labeled incense & not for human consumption, you have to think why people would smoke it. Could you imagine your grandmother burning this in her home? – I never tried to smoke incense before so I didn’t quite know what to do.. This is a parody, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.. This DRUG is currently being made illegal after many years of abuse. This video was meant as a joke, the only part that wasn’t funny was how the smoke actually made me feel funny.. I wouldn’t buy this “Incense” for Grandma, that’s for sure..

Dr. Phil Show Misrepresents Salvia Divinorum

Chrishna58 asked:

Two TV shows have recently made deceptive statements about salvia divinorum – the Dr. Phil show, and a show called The Doctors. To counter: 1. Salvia divinorum has not been shown to be addictive. In fact, research indicates that it has properties that could prove useful in fighting addictions. 2. “Hallucinogenic” is not synonymous with “dangerous”. It’s true that any mind altering substance can pose a risk for young brains, but salvia is not a dangerous risk on the same level as addictive drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or crystal meth. While I hate finding out that young people are using salvia as a legal high to party with, I do not wish to see it banned for everyone. Interested in trying salvia? Try or .

too high at spring gathering

chadmocock asked:

Saw this guy being dragged out of the room where the stage was at. Some people have way too much fun at concerts. ps don’t worry about the quick camera flip over.

Enid Police Make Marijuana Bust

kocotv asked:

Enid police arrested several people after a month long investigation into a marijuana drug ring.