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Time Lapse of Mold and Mushrooms

micaellua10 asked:

Clip from BBC/NHK co-produced documentary “Planet Earth” (2006), with the tune “Delta” from album “Colourform” by Higher Intelligence Agency, beyond records (1993). Muito mais em

mushroom trip

kendrrra asked:

haha we were fryiin real hard on mushrooms 🙂

More on Salvia, Mushrooms, Peyote, DMT and Others

SageBodisattva asked:

Further points and clarifications on psychoactive substances.

Mushroom Trip Spectacular

JoelAmpi asked:

I ate way too many mushrooms and have developed a forgetful memory. I’m just ranting on endlessly about thoughts that I think. I was in another dimension and it was crazy!!!!

my mushroom trip

TheCodgod456 asked:

explaining my mushrooms trip

Nichole337 Bad Drug Trip (remix)

rabbalaba asked:

Nichole337 gone mad on mushrooms and LSD highl. at 2:36 😀