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School Bus 9000 pound Marijuana Bust

iSmokeNews asked:

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Rancho Cucamonga Police Department – Marijuana Bust

clevercasey asked:

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department pull over a car for a missing license plate light and find marijuana in the car.

300-pound marijuana bust

kxan asked:

Travis County constables made a major marijuana bust near the Williamson County line.

Enid Police Make Marijuana Bust

kocotv asked:

Enid police arrested several people after a month long investigation into a marijuana drug ring.

How I feel about Marijuana in the USA

TheHumanReunion asked:

(SORRY ABOUT THE AUDIO, I need better equipment) This is just a video I made in response to seeing a 100 pound marijuana bust in my home town while I was out of town and it really pissed me off. Marijuana is simply not toxic enough to kill anyone or anything and yet we still waste BILLIONS on trying to demonize it and get rid of it. But anyway if you dig what I’m saying, turn up your speakers, make a remix, tell your friends, call your congressmen call the cops, and tell everyone how you feel and what you think, ’cause if we can get enough people doing that, we just might change the world.

theDove News Update 17 June 2011

theDoveTV asked:

Tonight: Benjamin James George: Guilty; Medford’s Project Homeless Connect; Oregon Record Marijuana Bust. Plus a look at your local weather