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Mushroom Timelapse


Watch magic mushrooms grow before your eyes.

Dr Who Mushroom trip

Xeroburn asked:

This is a four hour time lapse video of me and my friend Olen tripping out on Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms set to my cover of the old tv show Dr. Who theme song covered by me. – Aaron Bilodeau

Abel’s Mushroom Trip (3 of 3)

oreogarcia93 asked:

Part 3 of 3 This was my first trip on some mushies. I do not condone the irresponsible abuse of drugs. I made this for educational purposes and to show how one might act after ingesting about 1.7 grams of magic mushrooms. Enjoy. For much more info on Psilocybin Cubensis, go to: Subscribe & Rate!!!

Shrooms movie trailer 2006 [magic mushroom trip]

20octombrie1988 asked:

A sample of Shrooms 2006 aka Magic Mushrooms

drug trip.wmv

hazyboii93 asked:

take magic mushrooms before you watch this video


InfiniteFreeThinkers asked:

Fellow Free-Thinker, Mindseye-Mike tried Salvia Divinorum for the first time ever. His experience was one of profound understanding. Something tells me he walked away from this experience with more positive results than negative ones. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF! **NOTE** This person has experimented with other Hallucinogens in the past including LSD and Magic Mushrooms. Also, my friend here is a very spiritual, open-minded person and definitely did not walk into this Salvia session with immaturity or the sole intent to “just get high” off it. I would suggest you do the same, because this shit AIN’T NO JOKE! Also, I recommend you study about this powerful plant before you ever attempt to try it, here’s one of many helpful sites out there: