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LSD trip report part 2

dna448 asked:

Me describing more of my last lsd experiance

Losing my mind on LSD (good trip gone bad)

TheYumpinBean asked:

as you can see in the video i took way too much acid. the trip started off great and i was having an awesome time, but then it takes a drastic turn for the worst. after the events in this video i spent the next 4 hours in the bathroom rocking back and forth telling myself it will be okay. i learned my lesson…acid is not something to be fucked with.

Tenacious D LSD

kickflip59 asked:

LSD trip

* virtueller * LSD-TRIP powerd by www.Neueszeitalter.TV | We see us : )

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Albert Hoffman Flashback

bison891 asked:

Albert Hoffman LSD Trip video. Watch when you are completely fucked up on a trip, you wont regret it lol.

American Propaganda Films – LSD – Trip or Trap.mpg

jewbilee666 asked:

Oude Amerikaanse propagandafilm over LSD