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Rory Has A Drug Trip On Rapist Avenue (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Crab)

bad4urhealth123 asked:

Well i made this for a friend in 10 minutes cos i was bored lol… I f you don’t like it just fuck off and don’t whine like a pussy etc.

YTPMV Gay Luigi (Youtube Poop Drug Trip Pt. 6)

ringogeorgepauljohn9 asked:

I love this song, I’m not trying to make fun of it in any way, it just fits with the videos I’m making put on annotations for the lyrics

Anal Cunt – Acoustic LSD Trip (Picnic of Love Live) 1 of 3

RottenToTheGore77 asked:

This is Anal Cunt doing a live acoustic performance. I dont know the date or venue. They pretty much just do the whole Picnic of Love Album plus a couple AC classics at the very end. I didnt create this video so dont bitch at me about the shitty “trippy” effect that has been applied to the whole show. It would have been alot better to just leave it alone.

Follow Me – Aly us

oODJFriendlyOo asked:

Anthem from ’92 I’m hoping to see the day When my people Can all relate We must stop fighting To achieve the peace That was taught in our country We shall all be free Follow me Why don’t you follow me To a place Where we can be free Come with me Over there Put an end to interracial hatred And there’s love to share Can you feel it It’s in the air Know its time for changes Time for us to care Follow me Why don’t you follow me To a place Where we can be free Where we’ll all be free

Proof that Marijuana may cure cancer

theREALdrugfacts asked:

So this video explains it all . For people who dont know about the subject heres some background – Cannabis targets cannabinoid receptors which are located around the body. Also we would like to broadcast and spread awareness of the following message being that we need to find CURES for cancer and not just TREATMENTS that pharmaceutical companies love to research (it generates billions in revenues for them) Anyway . Enjoy ! Video brought to you by theREALdrugfacts Follow on Twitter @realdrugfacts

How I came to believe that JESUS ATE (BREAD) PSILOCYBIN MAGIC MUSHROOMS at the last supper

RessurectingTheDead asked:

Mush love to all………..