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Feds threaten marijuana dispensary landlords

ChambaMeds asked:

Feds threaten marijuana dispensary landlords in Sacramento! Coming to your town soon… unless you do something to help legalize marijuana.

Legalize Weed, Damnit

TaliesinMcKnight asked:

The marijuana laws are retarded. No one obeys them anyway.

Legalize Marijuana Petitions (Updates on signatures)

LetsLegalizeMaryJane asked:

I will be updating annotations frequently to keep you updated on how many signatures each petition has so far. I did not create the petitions, I am only promoting them.

Ron Paul Wants to Legalize Marijuana, China Frees Ai Weiwei

TheJacobOller asked:

All the news you need to know around mid/late June! Handle it!

Ron Paul Wants To Legalize Marijuana!

PatMcCarthy420 asked:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul wants to give the states the right to regulate Marijuana and take it out of the hands of the federal government. It would be handled just like alcohol and would fall under the 10th Amendment right for states to have free trade with each other. If the federal government was cut out of the picture, this would free up states to make their own choice on the issue. Please vote for Ron Paul for President in 2012!!! He would save our country from the wolves that are currently tearing it apart one Amendment at a time…

A Marijuana History Lesson

weirdtv asked:

The vote to legalize marijuana in California is coming up on November 2nd. Proposition 19 will be the vehicle for it’s resurgence. Here’s a brief history reminder of when, where and why marijuana was made illegal.