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LSD Trip

mvh0419 asked:

LSD class project on what its like to be on LSD: hallucinations, colors, spongebob Produced by Mychal Hooser Acted by John Vandergiessen

Short Film – Hallucinations

ourbacks asked:

A short film based on a drug trip. The song is Cities of the Future by Infected Mushroom.

Salvia FreakOut

linzee4584 asked:

Example of the effects of Salvia Divinorum, a legal herb in some states that causes hallucinations.

Trippin On Salvia – Preston

glenruk asked:

Several lads experience the legal herbal high of Salvia Divinorum for the first time and others just cant get enough. Hilariously funny montage, Hallucinations, extreme giggles, slured speach and blagged heads. A must see for all people who are thinking about trying it out.

SHARP AND SUDDEN (8) Filming acid drug trip out scene

GlennAndreievable asked:

When doing low rent blue or green screen- don’t try to make anything look real, because you’ll be compared to George Lucas, Michael Bay, Jolie in SALT or anybody else who uses CGI. We used our blue/green screen to show the unreal- hallucinations (like here) or dream-nightmare sequences.

Bath Salt Used As Drugs People go crazy

etuHad4 asked:

PANAMA CITY – They’re sold as bath salts, but police say they’re used as dangerous drugs. A Panama City woman was jailed this week for allegedly swinging a machete at her mother while high on “Bath Salts”. Now the Bay County Sheriff has asked stores to stop selling them. Laura Hussey “These are the bath salts the Bay County Sheriff doesn’t want sold in his county. Sometimes they’re called party powders. They can be found in smoke shops, adult novelty stores, even gas stations” Angie Turner “You dilute it in water, and you use it in the bath. All of our product is labeled, it clearly says on the packaging, put it in the bath” These aren’t ordinary bath salts…..They cost anywhere from thirty to ninety dollars. The ingredients are different too……. When people snort the powder, they get a euphoric high similar to cocaine or methamphetamine. Lt. Andrew Schneider/Crestview PS “This is not a safe product” Lieutenant Andrew Schneider of the Crestview Police Department says the buzz isn’t worth the risk. Lt. Schneider “It does cause medical complications with people that ingest it. It causes damage, we’ve had calls where people were calling in about having hallucinations and things of that nature” Still, demand is so high that people aren’t just buying the stuff, they’re stealing it. Blount’s Emporium in Crestview was hit for the second time this week. Woodstock Alternative Sensations in Niceville was burglarized in October. If customers there talk about using bath salts as

Baby Sleep Tonight