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kivresp asked:

“Hi, it’s Rupert” – Episode 29 People use drugs, and that’s OK, – unless you have to watch.

LSD trip reaction.

TheBVBarmy4eva asked:

Me and my best friend got super bored and found this LSD trip video on YouTube (this video is NOT supporting drugs), so ya we hope you enjoy ^^


RodUnsworth asked:

Rod Unsworth talks about his favorite drugs.

CRAZY Drug Trip!

hulachickens59 asked:

Don’t ever try drugs or you’ll trip out like this!!!!!!! No I don’t do drugs! Thanks for my sis and dad for being in the video! Website: Twitter MercilessWalrus: PearlDrummer250: Snowboarder Fail Failblog…

Andrew’s Drug Trip

YourDogIsCatNow asked:

A video incorporating a young student buying consuming an falling victim to drugs. Watch and learn.

Salvia trip of the opium cowboy

lordshaganoz asked:

Aye! The opium cowboy is back! This time checking out some good ol Salvia Divinorum, what a plant of joy and magic dreams! Was only 5x, and didnt smoke much this time, but it had its nice effects- quite jolly indeed. Keywords: salvia, hallucingoenic, psychedelics, drugs, lsd, acid, trips, tripping balls, funny, hilarious, joyful, hash, marihuana, hashish, pot, farmer