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Short Film – Hallucinations

ourbacks asked:

A short film based on a drug trip. The song is Cities of the Future by Infected Mushroom.

Mario Drug Trip

MCJimmyO asked:

I really suck at Mario Bros to begin with. This just made me suck more. Hahahaa…

WoW drug trip

waves68 asked:

was supposedto b sumtin else but it ended up lookin like a drug trip cuase of bad quality so i made it work

Drug Trip Time Lapse

JarrettFields asked:

A time lapse of an entire dxm trip


RodUnsworth asked:

Rod Unsworth talks about his favorite drugs.

givethecreeperahug transformice drug trip

GiveTheCreeperAHug asked:

Me and daryl on the epically cute game; transformice. COLLECT CHEESE AND TROLL!!!