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Cannabis Cancer Treatment is an Alternative Cancer Treatment

If you are currently battling against cancer, or you recently lost a loved one to the disease, this could well be of interest.
A Biotech Company which is developing cancer treatments based on raw whole cannabis extracts has taken the unprecedented step of publishing dramatic pictures of a cancer patient who was receiving its medication.

After a period of only two weeks, what is ‘the worst case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma’ one of the patients specialists had ever seen, was shown to be in dramatic remission.
According to the company info the patients treatment is ongoing, but according to the pictures provided to back up the claims, some of the tumors have disappeared altogether.
Whilst others have shrunk significantly, appearing after two weeks to be a fraction of their original size.

Disclaimer: When a patient is deciding what type of treatment they want to pursue, they should talk with their doctor first, about the specific cancer type that they have and discuss the treament course

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Cannabis: Forbidden History (History of Marijuana)

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Legalize It: a potty idea?

MartinJWillett asked:

Legalizing the sale of cannabis is a perfectly rational thing to do. The war against drugs is being lost, it is time to draw up a sensible armistice.

LEAP Endorses “Tax & Regulate Cannabis 2010”

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Lt. Jack Cole of LEAP — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition — endorses “Tax & Regulate Cannabis 2010,” the initiative on the California November ballot.

Cannabis And The Conspiracy Against Marijuana

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Ask NORML: Allen St. Pierre on Cannabis Commerce Post-Legalization

NatlNORML asked: – You asked, we answered. On this installment of ‘Ask NORML’ Executive Director Allen St. Pierre discusses concerns surrounding the corporatization of marijuana after legalization as well as the role for those currently producing in the black and ‘gray’ markets.