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Losing my mind on LSD (good trip gone bad)

TheYumpinBean asked:

as you can see in the video i took way too much acid. the trip started off great and i was having an awesome time, but then it takes a drastic turn for the worst. after the events in this video i spent the next 4 hours in the bathroom rocking back and forth telling myself it will be okay. i learned my lesson…acid is not something to be fucked with.

Fringe Acid Trip – Broyles on LSD

walterbishoprules asked:

Peter and Broyles high on LSD.

Drug Free Acid Trip

unipal390x asked:

The Acid Trip Thats Legal And Safe Unless Your Epileptic =D

White Stripes LSD trip

AlexBroadcasting asked:

This is like an awesome acid trip.

Magic Mushroom and acid trip

myrkmarduk asked:

It’s in Swiss German so maybe it could be difficult to understand

first acid/LSD trip report

imsoninja100 asked:

a tripreport of my first successful acid trip will be adding a shroom trip report soon as well as a dxm trip report by the way pleas help me get a minecraft accc so i can greif