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Bad Salvia Trip – The Movie Part One

hbpy2k asked:

Dont let me catch you frying out here! are the words of Salvia Dealer Lucky as he jumps in Raws face. Later that afternoon Lucky finds Raw on the ground trippin. Lucky sends Raw from the hood to the heavens. Directed by Harold B. Pritchett.

I am Meth

WabadogTeam asked:

Short film based on Virginia Woolf’s “Blue & Green.” Project for my English class.

Pick The Gender Of Your Baby

Easy Rider

batman140 asked:

LSD trip from Easy Rider (french)

Weed Wars S01 E01 Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Ignas Bernotas asked:

Weed Wars S01 E01 Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Oxycontin Movie

moodswingfilms asked:

A dark tale of the collateral damage of the pain killer Oxycontin when pushed into to the streets of Boston. Based on Director/Actor/Writer Johnny “dangerously” Hickey’s vision of the live s he’s lost and surviving an 80 ft toss of a cliff and kicking the drug cold turkey after spending 3 years in prison for alleged ties to Oxy Pharmacy Robberies.

Amazonian Mushroom Grow

Gaia1986 asked:

Slideshow of my first attempt on growing psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Music by Søvnigt Sind. Grow guide soon on update 28/03/07: For more music by Sövnigt Sind, go to (the site is in danish but you should be able to navigate through)