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Documentary on Heroin ?????

sobrietytelevision asked: Watch this documentary on heroin. Please subscribe and share with anyone that might need addiction treatment at a rehab center 🙂 Watch a great story about heroin addiction treatment and recovery. Tommy struggled with addiction, went to prison and when he got out, experienced the power of addiction recovery. Please share this heroin documentary with friends and give it a thumbs up 🙂 Comments are welcome 🙂 …

Peter – Heroin Addiction – Alcoholism – Drug Detox – Treatment Testimonial

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For more information, visit: – Heroin Addiction Treatment, visit Alcohol Treatment, visit: Heroin Addiction – Alcoholism – Drug Detox – Treatment Testimonial


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This video was shot about 2 weeks ago, sorry took so long getting it up!!! But the second flush definitly looks better than the first!!!

Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs – Sage Retreat at Hemet Valley Recovery Center “Stories of Hope”

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Stories of Hope. WWW.HVRC.COM Sage Retreat Recovery Center, California alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs located in Hemet, California.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Success Rates

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Miramar Treatment 866.382.5442 | The question of drug and alcohol rehab success rates is frequently asked, but difficult to answer due to a couple of primary considerations. The first is a result of deficiencies in reporting on the part of drug and alcohol rehab programs, which are unwilling to provide confidential information on their past clients. And, even if the drug and alcohol rehab programs provide such information, there is no way to verify the past patients’ accuracy in their self-reporting. The second consideration regards the lack of a standardized definition of success, relative to drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Most rehab programs have their own definition of treatment success, if they have any definition at all, which often doesn’t correlate with the definitions of other programs. There is a growing acceptance of a standardized definition of success, which is the total number of days sober out of a 365-day period, post treatment. If drug and alcohol rehab success rates are a deciding factor in the decision of where to receive addiction treatment, one must ask very specific, detailed questions to understand how any particular treatment program defines and measures success.http

Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy (Part 1 of 2)

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Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy This special broadcast expains about the innovate new treatment called Suboxone or Subutex, for opiate addition recovery. If you would like to learn more about this innovative new outpatient treatment for opiate addiction, visit Safe, affordable, comfortable recovery in your own home. Part 2 of video here