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Crazy Meth Bum

pureplayaz4938 asked:

Pierside crazy meth bum in fort myers beach, FLorida

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

labalandtherock asked:

Cartman is surprised to find his favorite restaurant has been turned into a medical marijuana dispensary. An all-new South Park, “Medicinal Fired Chicken” Premieres Wednesday, March 31 at 10p/9c on Comedy Central.

Crazy man on crystal meth trapped in a canal.

talkorsing1114 asked:

A man on drugs in the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki is afraid and hallucinating. Police and medics attempt to coax him out of the dirty water. Nobody wants to go in after him and apparently they do not have a life raft to throw in for him. Things are precarious enough until someone in the crowd tells him that there is a shark in the water. He was running from the cops on foot and jumped in the canal. There are lots of fish and sharp rocks in the canal that are terrifying him.

Salvia Trip Gone Wrong

MrNumaga asked:

Lucky for him he wasn’t jumping from the 8th floor. for more! I’m not saying you should never ever touch this stuff ( That would make me a hypocrite ) but if you do: make sure you have a ‘sober babysitter’ who can stop you from doing stupid things. And another thing, start with the mild stuff, not this extremely powerful ridiculous-tripping-strength mega Salvia! If you do, you might end up like these two…

McDonalds smuggling DRUGS! Evidence!

DonnyKemp19 asked:

I finally caught them! So how many of you got hoed on MD Monopoly haha!?

Return to Oz

NatashaMuseum asked:

For “Oz Night” at Toolbox I lip-synched to the Scissor Sisters’ ‘Return to Oz,’ in front of about 6 people. It was fun.