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Pot & Shroom Guides Download Link: [Medical Marijuana] a golden guide to hallucinogenic plants Richard Schults Big Book Of Buds Closet Cultivator CO2, Temperature & Humidity Connoisseur Cannabis Cure Disease Of Cannabis Joint Rolling Handbook Marijuana Growing Tips Microbiological contaminants of marijuana MJ Botany – Robert Clarke MJ growers – handbook Salvia Cultervation SeedBankListings SeedBankListings The essential psychdelic guide DM Turner Visionary Cactus Yield-O-Rama Beginner’sGuide Dopequest cannabis growing GreenHarvest How2GrowMedicalMJ Mellow Grow – Herb Garden TheCannabisGrowBible [Shrooms] Magic mushroom grow guide Detailed magic mushroom guide Eroid cultivation fast food of the gods Spore chicks grow guid Ayahuasca Visions, by Shaman Pablo Amaringo Magic Mushrooms – a new indoor growing technique Magic mushrooms around the world, by Jochen Gartz Magic mushrooms of Australia & NewZealand, by John W Allen Mushrooms – Poisionous Fungi by John Ramsbottom Mushrooms, Fungi From Around The World The Essential Psychedelics Guide by DM Turner The Psilocybin Mushroom Image Guide The Psilocybin Solution, by Simon G. Powell Tihkal, on Psychedelics & how to by Alexander Shulgin

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