Mushroom Clouds – Mic (Extra Chill Trip Hop Instrumental)

workthatwedo13 asked:

This beat is a funkadelic trip hop piece I composed. I call it mushroom clouds because listening to it makes me feel like I’m floating on a fluffy white cloud and drifting into the depths of a psilocybin mushroom trip.

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  1. I want the 0:34 part to go on forever

  2. more of these people wish this
    Was something they too could witness

    But without you the vision
    What was construed just isn’t
    Busting right through the given
    To give you what’s not decision
    It’s not your life, it’s ours
    present it

  3. @Slipsnob ahaa that’s what I was doing really baked

  4. @Slipsnob ….nice.

  5. SwiftbeatProductions


  6. sounds like toto – Africa and Xzibits – Heart of Man

  7. sick track fam, super chill

  8. Killer ass tune, i love it!!!

  9. 3 People Never Got High!!!

  10. Yoo this is dope man, Im an up and coming rapper from Jackson Mi and I was wondering if u wanted 2 collab. Shoot me a message if you’re down

    And keep this shyt up!

  11. gregsawallingoal

    why does this sound very similiar to John Butlers The Ocean? Almost right on. With the intensity effect in the background and his finger tapping and everything… lol anyways i like it.

  12. all i can come up with for this beat is i am out my mind over and over again

  13. to all those that make trip hop put on a Fukin download link you how bad i and others want to bump this track and others in a car , mp3 player :etc hook a bother from another mother upppppp !

  14. @buttap3can are you done yet???

  15. can I get this?

  16. This is just what I wanted to hear man, awesome. Keep it up!

  17. *gasp* yess !! can u inbox me a download link or something!! attach it to an email..anything!! i already have a song in my head for this lol :)) please

  18. @GeeJayDavies FL Studio 6 aka frooty loops
    i LOVE it
    been using it for years

  19. this is excellent…what software/hardware did you use?

  20. Good stuff. I like it. Well done!

  21. @Slipsnob rofl

  22. Makes me want to put some sunglasses on, bob my head and sing to it in a really deep voice


  23. holyy ffucckk this is so fucking trippy when yourr as ripped as me . 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. @JordanSeriously wooo im flattered! have fun and be safe! thanks for the feedback!

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