YouTube Poop: Bubbles Ingests A Psilocybin Mushroom

Skullworld asked:

Look everyone! I finally pooped something that isn’t SpongeBob! And it’s bad! Yay!

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  1. 1:06 black pig

  2. RyanTheIncredible882

    0:37 I’M CUMIN’ ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!!

  3. lol at 00:52 his shrit says bitch X[)

  4. SweetMnementh7

    “I’m cummin’ all over the place!” wasn’t so bad.

  5. @vtjakiela you’re nasty

  6. @Jelley0 i think that’s the point

  7. @the guy under me
    Umm yea….00”

  8. @Skullworld LOL yea “hey baby, im vtjakiela” real sexy man

  9. @vtjakiela
    Well so does vtjakiela.

  10. bubbles sounds like the name of a pornstar

  11. MissingnoUploader

    It could be a Beetlejuice instead of that guy replacing Him. 😀

  12. LunarEclipse135

    2:36 Obvious Pediophile.

  13. His shirt says Bitch

  14. @Skullworld You could have converted it to mono. :#

  15. TheTerminator3097

    so she got high, then crashed?

  16. ReimuHakureiShrine

    @Skullworld did marisa give bubbles the mushroom


  18. Bubble: How long have you been here?
    Him:As long as you ate a magic mushroom. LAMO

  19. She’s not smilng at 2:34

  20. LMAO! AT 1:44, I just about died of laughter xD

  21. @ScratchedPuppy Its something called “masking”. Also, that guy’s face was Ron Stuart. :3

  22. @Cuteblondie1972
    Yes. But this video is only twenty-three seconds long.

  23. huh at 00:31? is she having a seizure?

  24. @TheShambler34 you are one smart cookie

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