Manna – complete psilocybin mushroom documentary

psybinetic asked:

Releasing this ‘vintage’ creation of mine in conjunction with the publication of my book The Psilocybin Solution – see Make sure you watch it at at the highest res’.

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  1. this shits more about science then mushrooms them self.

  2. think this vid is a whole lot of marveling on nature, but not a lot of info on the mushrooms

  3. @psybinetic another interesting idea is why at all such a dichotomous thought pattern emerges (preservation of the earth human future unknown vs. destruction of the earth – try to gain as much insight as possible for a known human-kind (alone) future). Like all things, the truth is somewhere in the decipherment of both.

  4. @psybinetic by far we are not mature. provided we were there would be coordinated and above all effectual actions towards resolutions of obvious problems around the world. I guess, the argument (if one at all) is stated thus: should we preserve our planet while trying to gain insight into the workings of the universe from what is amassed on the Earth, or do we use our planet as a jumping-board, while doing the same but effectively destroying some

  5. @carlkantor – the burgeoning biomimicry movement is to be welcomed – that’s for sure. And, of course, we are all part of Nature too. But we are somehow disconnected from it – in that we don’t realise yet what human consciousness is, namely a latest ‘extension’ of natural intelligence. In other words, we are not a ‘mature’ species yet : )

  6. I must say I enjoyed your thoughts. I agree with most of these ideas. The idea with which I disagree: human intelligence neglects to appreciate the (inspirational) power of nature and the degree of embedded complexity. I know, from what I saw, that you are not fanatic about it, yes. But it is somehow troubling to me that you marginalize the un-natural side of the human mind, namely: the part of the creative process which is not observed in nature (i.e. mathematics inspired architecture).

  7. @skitolleek – glad you enjoyed the film : )

  8. I have to say that this is a one of a kind documentary! It really did awaken me to nature and how we underestimate it. Anyways I will definitely purchase your book! And I did come here to learn about Psilocybin mushrooms since i just got some and is going to take my first trip in a while:) I can’t wait for the sequel!

  9. all those mushroom statues looked like dicks haha…good video! 😀

  10. We juggle with DNA we do this and that but we didnt create them, hmmm He must of not been enlightened to understand that he is GOD and he did create all this he even created himself to oppose the truth of the fact that we are all one and all responsible for the innevitable.

  11. @psybinetic : LOL….glad you have a sense of humor. Seriously, nice job.

  12. Great film. I will definately read your book!

  13. @shivarona said: “long-winded pontification”… You, sir, are a cad and a bounder and I shall meet you at dawn with sword.

  14. Good film. I found it had too much footage of director standing around in long-winded pontification. Also statements like “natural intelligence has gone completely and utterly unacknowledged by science” is overly-dramatic. Modern science has and continues to open up gateways in the understanding of natural intelligence, despite constrictive moral forces. Good film though, the meditative nature stuff is really good.

  15. @Livestord – thank you sir

  16. A great film. Very inspiring!

  17. @Instinctinside – thanks for your kind words : )

  18. @bonzey1171 – thank you : )

  19. @NAKOR007 – dang, why didn’t I film it in 3D? : )

  20. everyone needs to eat shrooms and watch this shit on imax

  21. It’s cool to see someone articulate all the stuff I used to feel about mushrooms but was too scared to share with others because they would think I was a nutter. Right on brother. You got guts. It does seem mushrooms can open doors to nature, but I don’t really know if everyone can tune in to that vibration. Tons of people I know took mushrooms and never really came to these kinds of conclusions. Eager to check out your book. Thanks.

  22. TheBasquejuggalo

    truely enjoyable. its true more people are astonished by mechanical artificialty than nature. but then agin most people value gold over crops, i wonder who was the first person to take metalic luster over grain or meat?

  23. mind fucked

  24. great insight.

  25. Thank you so much. I am changed.

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