Documentary on Heroin ?????

sobrietytelevision asked: Watch this documentary on heroin. Please subscribe and share with anyone that might need addiction treatment at a rehab center 🙂 Watch a great story about heroin addiction treatment and recovery. Tommy struggled with addiction, went to prison and when he got out, experienced the power of addiction recovery. Please share this heroin documentary with friends and give it a thumbs up 🙂 Comments are welcome 🙂 …

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  1. Just look at the bottom uploader comment: “If? we keep growing and funding is there.” We just need sobrietytelevision to tell us where the funding comes from!! I won’t be holding my breath though.

  2. as i watched this prop flick, my upper? lip curled at the nonsense within.

    …now, reading the comments, i see i’m not the only one.

    looks slick though. i wonder if tax dollars were involved at all…

  3. what? a shitty reply.

  4. wow was i the only one that thought the hat? was hideous?lol

  5. Its one of the most vicious, anti-social, hypocritical and cynical acts that I can think of. The “War on Drugs” is anything but: it is a cruel criminal creation scheme. A whole lot of people feed from the trough (prisons etc). This piece of propaganda is playing its own? little part. That human beings can do this to each other isn’t surprising, but it nonetheless continues to sicken me.

  6. That’s it, bro. Anyone? who believes locking substance abusers in prison purely for taking a substance someone else deems ‘inappropriate’ will help anyone (except the private prison owners) is just jacking themselves off.

  7. very? profesional

  8. MisterNickOtine

    answer the question. hur derp? : \

  9. real constructive answer? you twat…

  10. Lets get to the crux of the issue. Would I be correct in assuming? you get funding from a government agency provided the content supports the “War on Drugs”? You are supporting the concept of imprisoning people due to the use of a drug other than alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. This is oppression, pure and simple. You would not accept it if your (legal) drug/s were prohibited. But you accept money for helping perpetuate the imprisonment of others. Just disgusting.

  11. How patronising and invalid to say that he made an “awful” choice. Assuming you use or have used alcohol- how would you describe your personal choice to use alcohol, a modified hydrocarbon with a plethora of harms? Everything you are saying is based on hypocrisy and double standards. This is my point- imagine if you were oppressed and even imprisoned for using your drug of choice. This is an obscene concept, yet when it happens to someone else, you defend? it.

  12. 1. Awful choice? He chose to use morphine, which is a non-toxic drug, far safer than alcohol and? tobacco.

  13. thats really? sad comment to make for a human being(your human too and your no better than the rest of mankind) who for whatever reasons,made awful choices and ended up with paying for his consequences.hes in recovery and in my opinion i think thats great that hes choosing to make better choices for himself. to say “Tommy was nothing more than a prison-filler” is judgemental and narrow-minded.
    I hope one day you,your friends or family dont have to go through addiction/incarceration.peace.

  14. sobrietytelevision

    Take a? hike.

  15. Pure propaganda. So, incarceration is the answer for the “problem” of using a psychoactive substance is it? Well, in order to be fair, we need to start imprisoning some of the alcohol, tobacco and caffeine users as well. But of course, thats not what this is about. It is making an economic resource out of the “tommys” of this world. Tommy was nothing more than a prison-filler. Why, because he was part of a minority, a user of morphine. Easy to imprison and oppress? a minority isn’t it?

  16. i have 22yrs female and am an addict…
    IF there? is a chance to contact you somehow ill be more than happy.

  17. NoneOfMeHaveDID

    Relapse is part of the process.? The fact rehab hasn’t worked, yet, it does not mean it will never work. Support is very important, too.

  18. luthatdude, please…..a year ……i was clean 6 years , sneezed, thought i was strung out, only help ,? congative therapy, retrain the way of thinking altogether, i was an addict for 18 yrs , and i still think of a smoke , still like the thought of putting heroin into my system, i didnt find the lord , i didnt find N.A., i found myself, the idiot, no one else, only stay off drugs because i know the damage they do, not a lot else to add to that , but after 18yrs, hardest habbit ever !!!

  19. The trick to beat it is getting yourself out of the situation for a LONG time. At least a year.? Thats really how long it takes for the brain to reset its self.Whether it be rehab or jail, if u can stay clean for a long time your chances are much less to going back

  20. I’m glad you? changed yourself for the better.. I actually have a friend on herion and it breaks my heart to know how much he is hurting himself.. I just wish he could have an eye opener.. he has been to rehab and nothing helps him.. I just pray for him all the time hope that one day he will realize what it does to him and others…

  21. mate how profound your statement is you nailed it in? a sentence,i have the same problem but thanks to you,a different way on thinking about it.thanks wise words an light..Alan Ian Brown..

  22. I never had a drug problem, I had a living problem.? Once I figured that out the drugs stopped.

  23. I feel bad for these people, they try to be the best they can, study go to school maybe get into a bit of trouble and stuff but they make one terrible decision in their lives and it affects the rest of it in a bad way, some of them cant even get? the help to quit!

  24. 3 months in jail woke? me up.—-

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