The Cure for Meth Addiction: The Brian Kopf Story

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Go to for theCURE! To get help in your area go to If you are looking for the Cure to any addiction that is enslaving you, Reformers Unanimous can help you find true freedom. I was completely freed from my crippling addiction and personally know more than 100 people who are free and remain free. RU has helped thousands of people find victory with an 80% success rate. Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t even come close to that number. For more information or to find a local chapter go to:

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  1. hanniAndTheTruth, I feel sorry for you that you choose to? blame life’s misfortunes and your own poor choices on someone else. Everyone makes mistakes (including myself), how you deal with them is what counts, learn, live, grow and move forward with life. I am the type of person that prefers? to help someone up rather than kick them while they are down. Brian has a good heart and I believe he can be the type of man he wants to be!!!

  2. ShanniAndTheTruth

    I know this person. He was NEVER part of a “biker gang”? and he’s a LIAR. He has relapsed several times since this video and ruined my life!

  3. To know EXACTLY how to go to HEAVEN when you die, please click on my name and view the left side of my channel page. I am so burdened for people who don’t know the truth or don’t even care about seeking the truth. I deserve hell, but God saved me from it because of His great love for me. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you are automatically on? your way to heaven just because you are a good person. Know the TRUTH. The last thing I want for you is to spend eternity in Hell.

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