Crazy Meth Bum

pureplayaz4938 asked:

Pierside crazy meth bum in fort myers beach, FLorida

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  1. i bet that guy never goes hungry with the amount of cheese that grows? on his balls every week.

  2. I just? wanna shake him and tell him to snap out of it. It’s sad what meth does to you. It completely destroys the feeling that makes you feel pleasure. Because you abuse it when you use the drug… :/

    my nigs?

  4. i? jsut went to fort myers and met this guy and it was funny as fuck

  5. eYeFoundAmerica

    lol dolphin did a 360? right here….i swear on my mother eyes….lol

  6. Then you can’t have? that fish.

  7. fukin funny? everytime

  8. CKBBontabeachbum

    Damn : I was gonna say ” atleast he’s not at my beach “. Than I read where? you were located at ! Damn ! Only right up the coast about 15-minutes . Keep him away from Bonita !

  9. So? They Make The Towns Worthwhile

  10. good ole fort myers?

  11. aaah hahahaha?

  12. shnuka shnuka?

  13. hey, when was this filmed? i swear i have seen that guy down there on the beach, i go there all the time, i got a buddy that lives on a&w bulb about 5 miles from the? pier

  14. Haha xD I swear my? mothers eyes xD

  15. lol weird this is in ft myers i? go to school FGCU

  16. hahaha And the dolfin did a 360 RIGHT HERE I? SWEAR LLOLLL !!!!

  17. xD

    ahhhhh theres bugs under? my skin!!!!!!

  18. He’s? funny.

  19. It’s? Frankie C…and NO you cannot have that fish

  20. Yes I am the camera man, good old Frankie V. The Ft. Myer beach meth bum? wasn’t there the last time i went thow, moved to another to pier to tell another storey and some arizona ice tea.

  21. Ft Myers Beach? always has some colorful characters

  22. shrubhuntertran13578

    the world’s a shitty place, why be pissed off or depressed about it? Just? accept it and do your own thing

  23. xxgolgothasaurxx

    Meth guy’s gonna follow the camera man and tell him some more stories for money. Run? cameraman.

  24. Daniel-Day Lewis???

  25. Boo? fuckin’ hoo!

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