salvia trip (say no to drugs! drugs are bad mmmkay?)

evilsmeagol asked:

A friend showed up at my apartment with some salvia and I was very against it. But then it looked like fun and I thought , well it’s legal it can’t be too bad!

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  1. you sir can infact have pain within the brain?

  2. @zfvids its not legal?

  3. love girls like this with glasses.?

  4. i think he might be talking about the vessels? in your brain which are sensitive.

  5. wow. i actualyy had a vey similar experience, i thougt i? was stuck in some demon underworld

  6. jesus? i took in the whole fucking bong and held for at least almost a minute. i hate salvia and i hated my last trip

  7. i remember my first time i faked a? trip…

  8. yes but the brain itself has no nerve endings in which to feel pain? in the same way, e.g pricking your finger, headaches are diffrent

  9. Have you never heard of a headache? The brain is where all pain throughout the body is processed.? Think deeper, yo.

  10. kaleyariannabell

    ive tripped out bad on? this shit.. thought i was on a spaceship ride! lol

  11. if this is legal? pot should be

  12. This is intense…like? camping

  13. Zoomily in!Zoomily out!?

  14. weird.? smoke buds girl

  15. Never do this drug. Just had? the worst trip of my life. I don’t recommend it under any circumstances. And I’ve tried a lot of drugs.

  16. I just smoked some 80X yesterday and it? kicked my ass. god damn it was intense

  17. Is she pregnant??

  18. KrynnTheWarrior

    Is that Neurosoup girl? ??


    what a whore!…?

  20. @MrDillonEllis That’s pain in your head, it’s not called a brainache. A headache typically happens when the blood vessels in your head become constricted from lack of water, low blood sugar, or changes in air pressure. Your brain does? not feel pain. People have brain surgery while completely conscious. If you disagree, look it up.

  21. This girl does not deserve a good trip. She fucked with her boyfriend so hardcore during his trip. She deserves the worst trip ever, if I were him I would be messing? with her the whole time.

  22. Did you? like the salvia?I personally really enjoy it!

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