Munnsville “bath salts” witness

CNYCentralNews asked:

A Madison County woman alleged to be high on drugs is dead after assaulting her child and receiving a Taser shock while she struggled with police.

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  1. thegiantpaperpanda

    Real talk, I can’t wait to read? this kid’s first novel in 10 years.

  2. The government uses this drug/zombie? like legal epidemic to shorten humanity.

  3. lol was? she combative? like did she understand him? LEL

  4. its funny because my beat headphones were half off on my left ear? lol. had to test it thats weird though.

  5. The1xHiDDeNxuNsEeN

    @RoyalSavageKidz Ha ha same? here

  6. Turns out? it wasn’t bath salts.

  7. googlyeyedredbaronak

    And this “bath salts” whatever the hell that is, is somehow legal? and people and their weed are somehow illegal? I would rather know that if my neighbor or friends are smoking “weed” instead of this zombie epidemic capable drug known as “bath salts” that “bath salts” crap seemed to somehow sprout up out of nowhere, I havent? heard of this “bath salts” crap until a few months ago, Man what the hell is this world up to? Really?

  8. googlyeyedredbaronak

    Whatever happened to people just getting a regular ole bag of weed,cooking dinner and? watching some mediocre movie and then going to sleep? LOL

    America is just trying to fulfill its own stereotype that,America is just full of retarded mindless zombies…


    in germany the police is called friend and helper? ? ^^
    but the same here

  10. i like it.He? waits till 3mins in before mentioning she is naked

  11. It got lost? for days.

  12. righht!??

  13. yea and then an ant crawled right in front of my foot, it’s name was tyler and? he was mad when the baby fell on him.


    its research chemicals which? have the same effects as illegal drugs mixed with things like baking soda as fillers intended to be snorted, the product has to be marketed as bath salts to avoid prosecution for the federal analog act

  15. no? one had a cell phone camera???

  16. bath? salts are the devils dandruff ….

  17. FormulaOneFanatic1

    Where? the fuck have you been…

  18. Wtf is bath? salt

  19. losers didn’t even have a camcorder? wtf

  20. she was snorting garbage? right after a heart procedure?

  21. TheUnDeRGRouNDHoBo

    the bridges?

  22. These Kids Dont Leave Out ANY? Details Lol

  23. Dude! These? guys have amazing fucking memory!

  24. racist? volkswagon commercial

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