Growing Psilocybe cubensis – Penis Envy in a mycobag

mycelian asked: – Grow Your Own mushrooms, step by step instructions! This grow of Psilocybe Cubensis / Magic Mushrooms is done differently than how a beginner would start into growing magic mushrooms at home for personal use. In this one, a Spawn Bag is used instead of glass jar. Rye is the substrate within the bag, and Rye can also be used in jars. Using spawn bags or grains to grow Magic Mushrooms is considered s more “advanced” way of growing, with the “PF Tek” being the basic, starter way. This grow shows the results of a friend’s third attempt at growing one of the most potent strains of psilocybe cubensis – Penis Envy. Check out the incredible blue color on the chips he puts into the drying chamber!! Also, please check the laws in your area regarding growing Magic Mushrooms. In some areas it is completely illegal to grow them, or possess dried mushrooms, but it’s perfectly legal to possess fresh mushrooms you picked while in the forest. In other areas it’s completely illegal, or completely legal period. Stay safe!

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  1. Who do you buy your spore syringes from?? Is sporeworks a good sight? A reply would be much? appreciate good evys to!!

  2. After inoculating your myco bag put in a dark warm area. Zero sunlight is best in this stage,? with 80-86 degrees. Any more question message me

  3. TheKinglongdong

    where? do i put the grow bag after i inject it with spores?

  4. Theres on”uncircumsized”? penis at 56-57 seconds haha

  5. mmmmmmm those blue slices looked tasty? 🙂

  6. u grew? abunch of fatasses lolz

  7. How did you do that? is that like a bunch of? bird seed?

  8. parsleysprigs

    What is that the penis envy micheal jackson strain, whats? up with how white they are.

  9. huntingfever101

    where or how do i get spores?? im very interested in? growing but i cant seem to started, plz reply

  10. I had 2grams of this stuff P.E. and I was Blown Away! Penis Envy Shrooms are? amazing!

  11. ive never? used a grow bag before but i just ordered a 3lb bag… I was wondering what your experience was, like was it easy or do some get contaminated or is getting it out of the bag hard? just generally how well did it work?

  12. @theambition you open? the top of the bag once the substrate has been colonised. thats when you start the light misting and fanning.

  13. xXHeadTrIpXx1

    what kind of rye? is this?

  14. @mycelian Right, no instructions included so I was kind of left to guess. There is a filter for gas exchange so I’ll just leave it like that! sounds easy enough thanks man, maybe i’ll put up a vid once i’m done. ?

  15. @theambition if it came that way didn’t it have instructions? 🙂 If it’s got an air filter to allow for gas exchange, you can probably just leave it the way it is and let it go. Don’t put it in direct sunlight, at max put a regular lamp with a? compact flourescent over it for 12 on 12 off 🙂 Once the substrate is colonized it’s WAY less prone to contamination however, so if there’s no air filter, you can safely open it when it’s a solid brick of white 🙂

  16. @mycelian Thanks man! So even though my bag? came sterile and sealed, I should cut it open to mist and fan for fruiting?

  17. @theambition I haven’t had experience with bag grows, but in general it’s a good idea to mist and fan 4-6 times a day until you see pins start, then back off the misting a bit (or mist the inside of the bag but not the colonized stuff itself) and? continue with the fanning whenever you can every day. The secret to great pinsets is misting and fanning, but too much misting can cause aborts, so it’s a balance. Good luck!!

  18. If I’ve got a fully colonized or almost fully colonized wild bird seed bag, and want it to fruit in the bag too, what do i do just leave? it under some light and wait for the pins?

  19. Werd. Thanks again and one more question if I might. Talk to me about bruising mycelium. I want to start? with Rye grains, but does the process of shaking the colonized jar of substrate for either grain transfers or bedding in the fruiting tray damage its fruiting potential? Thanks, I think that’s all for now!

  20. @HPeckinpah the fully colonized cakes will have used up a lot? of the moisture they started with when you created the BRF cake initially, and even if they have pins, it won’t hurt them to be submersed for 24h while you re-hydrate them. Dunking is the easiest way to re-hydrate, and without doing so you’ll have a crappy first flush. Shroomies are 90% water after all!

  21. Thanks for the quick reply.? So just avoid getting lots of water on the fruit right, the water won’t damage the colonized cakes?

  22. @HPeckinpah when the mushroom pins are teeeeeeny tiny, it’s best to be very careful with your misting technique because too much direct contact from anything but a fine fine mist of water can cause the pins to abort and not grow any further. It’s one of those? things you need to get a “feel” for out of personal experience, but once you get it, you’re good. Dunk n roll is submersing the BRF cakes for 24h in water, then rolling them in fine (ie: ground up) verm to help keep the surface moist.

  23. Is it true that direct water will destroy or retard mycelium’s fruiting capabilities?? If so, can someone? explain to me the “Dunk and Roll” tek with BRF cakes??

  24. @Glenn1176 Wow! I’m not sure I’d like to trip for that long – I haven’t actually had PE myself, just got these nummy pictures from someone who did 🙂 I do believe? those are albino as well.

  25. I grew some PE, and they were? the strongest mushrooms I have ever ate. The buzz lasted 12 hrs, compared to like 6 hrs with any other strain. That looks like albino PE

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