Vaping Rules Every Vaper Should Know

tumblr_nlmp5zoxm41tmcrddo1_1280As much as we all just want to vape everywhere we go, whenever we want, there are certain ‘unspoken’ rules in regards to vaping etiquette that every vaper should know.

The majority of vapers understand that vaping isn’t smoking, it’s much better for you and almost impossible to affect anyone with second hand vaping fumes. In a perfect world, most vapers would use common sense and vape wherever they felt was the right place to vape. Most people don’t appreciate having smoke blown in their face, and just because it isn’t smoke and smells like cotton candy, doesn’t make it any better for many non-smokers.

As vapers, we understand the pros and cons of vaping, but we don’t have hours to educate everyone who we come into contact with on a daily basis. The easiest way is to use a little bit of common sense, and a dash of politeness.

Let’s go through some of the unspoken vaping etiquette laws!

  • Driving – If you’re going to be driving and vaping, crack a window. You don’t want to be driving along in a car with foggy windows!
  • Home – Your home is your castle, so ultimately it’s up to you. It won’t stain the walls or ruin furniture, and most people won’t even smell it five minutes later. If you have guests over, you’ll have to choose to vape in front of them or walk outside.
  • Outside – If you’re outside, and no one is around, then vape to your heart’s content. But, if you’re walking down a busy street and blowing massive clouds on people, then maybe you should think twice.
  • Public Business and Transport – If it’s your business then unless there are laws against it, then go for it. If you’re on a train, bus or plane, then I would strongly suggest waiting.

The rules come down to common sense and decency, your head and the rest will fall into place.

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